How to Write a "Why Us" Essay for College Admissions Many colleges ask applicants to write a "why us" essay as a part of their application. This type of essay is a great way for students to share more about themselves and make a strong impression on admissions officers. Writing a "Why us" essay requires some careful thinking and research. The key to this unique type of college essay is focusing on the school's specific attributes and how they fit your own goals and passions. After pouring blood, sweat and tears into your Common App essay, students are often faced with another daunting challenge: the "Why Us" supplemental prompt. This question allows admissions officers to see whether students have done their research and are genuinely interested in their college. Here are some tips for tackling this unique type of college essay. 1. We are a community When you hear the word “community,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably a small group of people who live in the same town or neighborhood. This is a reasonable association, but it is also limiting. Community isn’t just a geographical place; it’s a feeling of belonging, safety, and trust. It is a sense that you have a shared history, and that you can use your common interests to influence your environment and each other. A strong community will welcome the right people with open arms, and will gently turn away those who don’t fit. It’s not rude; it’s just part of maintaining the integrity of the community. This is why it is important to choose your communities carefully. When you find one that suits you, hold onto it like a lifeline. 4. We are a place of discovery For centuries international law based on the Christian Doctrine of Discovery has legalized the theft of land, resources and labor from Indigenous peoples worldwide. This injustice continues today. The 76th General Convention of The Episcopal Church passed Resolution XIII-4, which repudiates the Doctrine and renounces those concepts that fail to recognize the inherent rights of all human beings. We encourage you to learn more about this issue by attending our Indigenous Awareness or Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples(r) training sessions. Discovery provides a fresh perspective for how your website, content and navigation make sense to external audiences. This process uncovers areas that may not be clear to everyone and recommends ways to make improvements.