The Best Way to Watch the NRL in Australia A number of new clubs have joined the NRL over the years, leading to a larger pool of players and more games. Since 2003, the popularity of the game has skyrocketed. Get all your NRL updates at sportsbetkings. Currently, the competition is comprised of 16 teams. This year, the Queensland-based Dolphins will join the competition. The league began when several rugby clubs started merging. During this period, a brief era of rationalization emerged. However, the expansion of the game and a need for a national league prompted the formation of the NRL. There are a few different ways to watch the NRL. You can watch it live or on demand. Kayo is a great option for live streaming. It offers a variety of special features that help you to enjoy a game in its entirety. When you watch the NRL, you can expect to see a lot of sprays and lots of movement. It's not always the most aesthetically pleasing way to watch, but it is a great way to get a good feel for the game's pace. Kayo's Key Moments feature allows you to quickly find and watch notable highlights of a match. They also offer a split-screen feature, which is perfect for watching more than one team at once. The service is available on supported browsers and devices. For a minimal price, you can stream a whole NRL season. In addition, you can enjoy the Compact Replays, which are designed to give you an idea of how fast the game is going.