Past Youth Programs

Kestrel Circle: 6th & 7th grade girls*

Kestrel circle

Our newest circle is designed specifically for middle school aged girls. That means lots of laughter, support for creating real friendships, challenges at just the right level, and the kind of connection with nature that deepens your sense of who you truly are. Our Saturday afternoons together and overnights on the land give us ample time to play, laugh, sing and learn new skills for living closely with the Earth and creating a home in a wild setting. As girls journey into adolescence, Kestrel Circle provides a place for them to have fun, ask questions, seek answers, and build skills that lead to true freedom and support a lifetime of adventure.

Teen Girls Rendezvous: For girls* 13 and up

Being a teenager can be hard. And its fun, overwhelming and exhilarating!

Finding one's tribe is essential. Finding a healthy one is critical.

Teen Girls Nature The Teen Girl Rendezvous is a place to find tribe. A healthy one. A powerful one.

Here girls are supported to be their most authentic selves while being part of a community. Girls are encouraged to name their challenges and celebrate their successes. They find refuge in laughter around the campfire and the gentle ways of nature. Girls develop resilience through practices that guide them to resource creativity, inner stillness, community, and connection. They receive support as they transition from childhood into adulthood, including the opportunity to participate in a community-supported, wilderness rites of passage. Girls find courage to live their lives fully. Join us! For girls 13 and up.

Note: Girls can come to any or all weekends, but to get the most from this opportunity we recommend attending all weekends.

* For single sex programs children are grouped according to their affirmed gender

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