Past Summer Camps

Feet on the Earth is currently on hiatus while we work on addressing regulatory issues with Boulder County Health Department and the State of Colorado. You can read more about it on our facebook page here and here.

These are the types of camps we have offered in the past.

Nature Explorers Camp

Nature Explorers

For children 7-11: Do you know where to find the best raccoon tracks or how to make a net to catch fish by using plants on the land? Where does the coyote cross the river and are there really mountain lions here? With a fun gang of Nature Explorers you'll find out amazing things every day about what goes on in the wild when people aren't looking. But get ready. . . your mentors might be sneaking through the bushes when YOU'RE not looking! We'll play lots of games, learn how to make awesome nature crafts, sing silly songs, and have plenty of time to play in the water. Be careful, by the end of the week kids who come to this camp may learn impressive things about nature, come home very dirty, AND become excellent at sneaking and hiding. Playing outside and having fun is the name of the game at Nature Explorers camp!

This camp is so popular that we run two weeks of it each year, and children who want to do twice as many amazing things in the wilderness can come to both weeks!

Daughters of the Earth Camp

Daughters of the Earth

For girls* 7-11: Explore nature's mysteries and magic! Each day is a new adventure. One day we might go on a scavenger hunt in search of nature's secrets, and the next day track animals by the creek and leave gifts for the fairies. We'll play lots of games, learn how to make awesome nature crafts, sing silly songs, and have plenty of time to play in the water. Girls learn teamwork and ancient skills for living close to the Earth, while growing more comfortable being in nature and being true to themselves.

This camp is so popular that run two weeks of it each year, and girls who want to do twice as many amazing things in the wilderness can come to both weeks!

Projectiles Camp

Sneaking Around & Throwing Things Camp

For children 10-14: Do you love sneaking around and trying to be invisible to the world around you?
Do you ever wonder where the animals hide when we can't find them?
Do you like trying to hit a target with a rock, stick, pinecone or something you made?

Join us as we dive into these universal passions and explore their ancient roots in earth-based cultures. Sneaking, hiding, tracking, and accurate throwing are essential skills hunter-gather people use to secure food and keep their community safe. We'll spend the week making and throwing primitive hunting weapons, playing games that help us practice sneaking and being invisible, and training our awareness to see and decipher the tracks and sign of the animals that live around us. Throughout the week we'll learn what being a ''scout'' entails, the ethics of the sacred hunt, how to work as a team, and how to use projectiles safely and respectfully. We'll also tell stories, sing songs, play in the creek, and of course practice our aim. Everyone will get the chance to make and take home a few projectile crafts and will surely walk away a little sneakier than when they arrived.

Wild Harvest Camp

Wild Arts & Herbs Camp

For children 10-14: Do you want to know which berries you can reach out and eat and which plants really are poisonous?
Do you love plants and want to learn more about their healing powers?
Do you love crafting and creating beauty out of the materials nature provides?

Let nature be your muse and spend a week feasting on wild edibles, making medicine, creating art out of natural resources, weaving baskets, and leaving the land a little more beautiful then we found it. Throughout our time together we will meet new and different plant allies, have plenty of time to learn fun, new crafts, plus play awesome games, sing songs, tell stories, and splash in the creek. By the end of the week you'll surely have some new plant friends, and some earth-based handcrafts to take home. Campers will get to express themselves through art projects and learn how to work with plants and each other safely and respectfully while experiencing the magic and beauty of this wild and diverse valley along Lefthand Creek!

Overnight Camps

Teen Girls Overnight Camp

Night Camp

For teen girls* 14-18: Are you the kind of girl who likes to stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning? Are you good at sneaking up on people, but want to get even BETTER? If you think the life of a scout - sneaking around by night, sleeping by day, and planning your scout missions over breakfast (at lunch time) - is the life for you, then join us at this special advanced camp for teen girls! This is a week-long sleepover with cool girls who love to: sit around the fire, talk, carve, and tell stories; follow rabbits and see where the deer sleep; leave surprise gifts for the neighbors; practice spotting their friends sneaking in the dark . . . and staying up a little later every night so that by the end of the week we're just as nocturnal as the owls! This camp is for the free spirited and fun- and though it's an advanced camp, first-time girls are welcome if they think this is their style and they are ready for the challenge!

Survival Adventure Camp

Survival Adventure Camp

For youth 11-14: Discover more opportunities for fun! Maybe you've heard of making fires by friction or maybe you're a seasoned fire maker. Maybe you've always wanted to sleep in a real shelter outside and see if you could find food to eat off the land. A lot of people play survival games and watch survival shows, but not a lot of people can ACTUALLY survive in the wild! Come learn how to be one who can not only survive, but thrive. Spending a whole week living in the wild gives us lots time for exploring, building shelters, going on nighttime adventures, and even baking cookies over the fire! We also will have plenty of time for exciting games, stories, songs, and crafts around the campfire, including making containers such as coal burned bowls and spoons, baskets, or clay bowls. In this camp, young people learn how to be safe and confident in the wild through learning about the land and deepening their relationship with the natural world, while developing closer friendships, building communication and problem solving skills, and having a total blast!

Survival Adventure Camp

Mentor-in-Training (MIT) Summer Camp Training

For youth 13-18: Are you excited to share you skills and enthusiasm for nature-connection with others? This is your chance to give back to the community while deepening your own learning. Mentors-in-Training are directly involved with everything we do at camp, while receiving support and guidance to practice teaching skills to others and leading camp activities. This training will get you ready and is required for all new MITs. For two days we'll dive into the skills and activities shared during camp and fill you in on the behind the scenes awareness that makes the magic happen. Plus, we'll do all the regular fun stuff ourselves, cook our meals on the fire, and have time for playing sneaking games after dark. MITs earn $100 credit towards a camp of their choice for each week they serve as an MIT, up to $200 maximum credit amount.

- Be at least 13 years old by June 1, 2016
- Know and love our community culture and the skills we teach. Generally this means having prior experience participating in our programs.

Family Camps

Family Camp

Family Camp

For All Ages: Because it takes a Village! In all of our roots there are stories of our ancestors living in healthy, regenerative communities -villages where people of all ages are in deep relationship with the land, each other, and themselves. Family camp is an opportunity to live into that memory and dream. We come together as a tribe to learn ancient skills, play games, connect with nature, share stories around the fire, and just plain have fun. There will be times for kids and adults to learn skills together and time for parents to learn more about how nature-connection mentoring works. It will be a fun adventure for the whole family. We hope you can join us!

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