Past Skills Classes and Community Gatherings

Rope Crafts


This hands-on class will leave you and your family with practical survival skills and some useful items to bring home! Come learn how to make rope using only plants found in Colorado. Then, we will provide enough pre-made rope for you to learn how to make your own survival bracelets and water bottle holders. Anyone aged 6 to 110 welcome! (younger children are welcome, but they may find the activities to be challenging).

Building Natural Survival Shelters


Come learn how to make a warm, dry shelter from natural materials in a pinch! In this workshop we will cover the basics of shelter-building, and then build a simple debris hut together from materials we find on the land. Bring the whole family (ages 7 and up) and be prepared to get dirty and have fun, as we will pile leaves high and make a shelter that could keep you warm and give you more confidence in the woods.

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