Homeschool Nature Programs

Village Day

A community-based, nature-connection program for youth 7-17

nature homeschool program

Join our long-term, nature-connection mentoring community where children and adults of many ages come together to engage in the ancient ways of living closely with the earth and creating regenerative community. During Village Day children learn powerful skills such as fire making, shelter building, wild harvesting, animal tracking and bird language while also learning respect for all life, how to use their strong, authentic voices, and how to be supported and support others on the journey through life.Natural Shelters

At the beginning and end of each day, the whole Village gathers for exciting games, group songs, giving thanks, sharing stories, and awesome community celebrations. During the middle part of the day, the Village splits into small clans where children of similar ages and developmental stages explore the land, make beautiful crafts, and practice earth-living skills together.

Raccoon Clan and Bobcat Clan hold the youngest children and are full of creative projects and never-ending adventures that help children become aware of how they use their energy and their impact on the world around them. Our days will be filled by playing many games, learning the art of camouflage, singing silly songs, listening to stories around the fire, experiencing the true wonders of nature, and much more! To support the developmental shift that happens around age 8-9 years old, Raccoon Clan children and their parents are invited to prepare for and participate in a rite of passage experience marking the transition from early to middle childhood.

nature homeschool programBear Clan and Coyote Clan are single-sex groups of middle school aged girls* and boys* whose explorations in nature and community help them connect with their authentic selves, learn communication and conflict resolution skills, and explore questions related to the unique challenges of being a girl or boy in our world within the safety of an all-female or all-male group. We will focus on projects and skills that are needed to not just survive, but thrive in the wild. Through team-building games and challenges we will put these skills to the test, while also never forgetting to relax, share a few laughs, and witness the beauty of the natural world.

Cougar Clan is a place where teens can delve deeply into their areas of passionate learning, develop their unique style of leadership, and practice important life skills such as decision making and finding ways to be of service in the community. When a teen demonstrates competency in a wide range of skills and shows emotional readiness, the teen and their parents are invited to prepare for and participate in a community supported wilderness rites of passage marking the transition from childhood into adolescence. In cougar clan, we will explore our true passion with the natural world and within ourselves by building off of the skills we have already learned, and deeply discovering how we can best express and bring our whole self into our community and the rest of the world.

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