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After School Programs

Join a circle of girls* or boys* exploring the mysteries and wonders of nature! Come wander in wild places and find a sacred connection to nature through searching for tasty and edible snacks, kindling relationships with plants, animals, birds, trees and other wild creatures, and learning hands-on skills such as fire making, carving, camouflage and tracking.
Nature After School
During these circles children: enjoy games, songs, stories and creative projects; gain confidence and tools for creating healthy relationships; discover their unique place in the world; and have FUN! These are circles that play together and stay together, because the children learn to support each other as they go through life's changes.

After school nature program

Hawk Circle: 4th & 5th grade girls*

Magpie Circle: 4th & 5th grade boys*

Sparrow Circle: 4th & 5th grade boys*

Chickadee Circle: 2nd & 3rd grade boys*

Wren Circle: 4th & 5th grade girls*

Heron Circle: 4th & 5th grade girls*

Kestrel Circle: 6th & 7th grade girls*

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Teen Girls Rendezvous: For girls* 13 and up

For more details visit our youth programs page

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